Electrician in Tamworth

Is your electrician suitably qualified for the job?

Choosing an electrician is not a straight-forward task. After all, you want someone who is reliable, experienced, trustworthy and suitably qualified for the job at hand. Getting the right person from the outset could save time and money in the long run. 

Although there are several factors to consider when appointing an electrician, their level of skills and experience is particularly important. With that in mind, here are some of the key points to consider when it comes to finding the best electrician for the job.

Is your electrician qualified?

Finding out whether an electrician is qualified is a good place to start, but it’s by no means the end of the story. Your potential contractor may have basic qualifications, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for your particular job.

It is all too easy for an electrician to gain basic qualifications and then spend years working in one area. For example, their experience may involve fitting alarms, or connecting cables on a building site. This is fine if you need an alarm fitting or a cable connecting, but what if you’re looking for energy-saving advice or diagnostics of an electrical fault, for example?

An electrician without experience in a particular area could take twice as long to complete a job as someone who specialises in it, or they may have to call in another person for help. It can pay to find out where an electrician’s skills and experience lies before giving them the job.

Does your electrician have the right skills for the job?

At Able Electric, we understand that supplying the best electricians is not just about basic qualifications. It’s about having the specialist expertise and qualifications for the job at hand. All of our electricians are vetted and qualified to a high standard. 

We offer a huge range of commercial electrical services and residential electrical services and although they all fall under the same heading, they are all vastly different. That is why we have teams specially trained in each area. So, if you need electrical safety checks and periodic inspection, for example, we will send you an engineer trained to City & Guilds 2395 Inspection and Testing level.

Or if you’re interested in energy saving at home and you want a smart heating system, then we’ll send an electrician with specialist knowledge of the available products in that area.

Is your electrician’s knowledge up to date?

Rules and regulations change constantly and a good electrician will have a solid understanding of the most up to date laws relevant to your job. As well as the British Standard BS7671:13 and Building Regulations, this could also include things like the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

It’s no good completing basic training and then not picking up a text book for another 20 years. By that time, an electrician’s knowledge will be well out of date.

At Able Electric, staff development is continuous. This means our electricians are regularly assessed and inspected to ensure their knowledge and skills remain current.

We only send experts to each job, so that your work is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These high standards are maintained throughout the business, from customer service to fixed prices. Get in touch now for free quotes and more information about local electricians in Birmingham.