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Poll Regarding Buying an Electric Car

          More people ready to switch to electric vehicles as net-zero deadline looms

More people are ready to consider switching to electric vehicles ahead of the looming net-zero deadline, according to the findings of a recent poll conducted by a Tamworth-based car charging business.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Company, part of Able Electric, has been installing electric vehicle charging points since 2018, but the pace is really picking up now as the country drives towards the green revolution.

In a recent LinkedIn poll conducted by the director of the business, Jeff Longley, 75% of people said they would consider an electric vehicle for their next car. Of 190 votes cast, 47% said they would go for an electric vehicle, 28% said hybrid, 13% would opt for petrol and 11% would choose diesel.

The Government has confirmed that all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in 2030. New hybrid vehicles will be given until 2035, as long as they can cover a ‘significant distance’ in zero-emission mode.

While second-hand car sales will be still be allowed, all new vehicles manufactured after 2035 must be pure electric.

The growing demand for electric vehicles is also being driven by the introduction of new Clean Air Zones, including Birmingham which launched last month, the availability of Government grants for domestic and commercial charge points, and company car tax benefits (BIK rates) associated with greener vehicles.

‘New installations carried out daily’

Jeff Longley said: “When we started installing car chargers in 2018 it was the odd one a month. Towards the end of 2019 and into early 2020 it became every week.

“Throughout lockdown though, installs more or less ceased altogether, but since late 2020 and into 2021 we are achieving 40 installations a month and growing. In four years, the monthly figure has gone up 4000% and since just before lockdown it has increased 1000% or by a factor of ten.

“This number is rising all the time now and we are carrying out new installations daily, including lots of commercial installs driven by the favourable BIK rates.

“The quick poll I conducted on Linkedin further demonstrates how more people are considering the switch the closer we get to the net-zero deadline and in light of more Clean Air Zones being introduced in major cities, such as Birmingham.

“The poll showed that some anxiety remains around distances electric vehicles can travel, but the availability of charge points, and the range of the vehicles themselves, is improving all the time.”

Investing in EV infrastructure

The Government is set to invest £1.3bn in EV charge points for homes, streets, and motorways across England, with an additional £582million in grants to help people go electric. Additional funds are also being ploughed into battery development and nuclear power plants.

The latest figures show that there are more than 280,000 electric vehicles and 570,000 hybrid vehicles on UK roads. In June, electrics and hybrids had a 17% market share of new registrations.

‘No issues with charging on the road’

A variety of comments were added to the poll with many saying they would make the switch to EV, while a couple remained concerned about the distance that can be traveled and the availability of chargers.

These included: “I’ve had a hybrid for three years now. It’s great and I wouldn’t hesitate going EV next time.”

And: “Two PHEVs for us at the moment but mine will swap to pure EV in the next 12 months. Concerns are still on infrastructure. Okay with a hybrid but an issue if purely EV.”

Another said: “I ditched the diesel in favour of an EV this year. Despite having regular long journeys I’m not having any issues with charging on the road.”

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