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IntelliHeat has been delivering superior quality, stylish and ultra-efficient smart electric radiators and heating systems across the UK for the last 19 years. Over this time Intelli Heat have continuously developed ever improving the thermodynamic, smart  electric radiators and future proof advanced heating control systems which now include MySense free smart phone app-based to controls your home, office, hotel, commercial property remotely manages your electric heating with guaranteed comfort and saving.

Intelliheat ranges combine the most advanced ecodesign technological features with elegant design. Replacing your old heating doesn’t only save you money on your energy bills, but can also massively cut your carbon emission, and to zero the repair costs along the way!

Picture isense wifi smart electric Radiators with Mysense free App

Why replace inefficient Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters were developed more than 50 years ago to work on an Economy 7 tariff, Economy 7 electricity tariffs work alongside Economy 7 meters which is a two-tariff metered system, more expensive during the ‘on peak’ day period, and cheaper ‘off peak’ at night midnight to seven am. Economy 7 is set to 

Modern electric radiators are smaller, thinner, lighter, much more energy efficient and allow homeowners to choose which individual rooms (up to 1000) they wish to heat, to what exact temperature, and at what times. 

The ofgem energy price cap rise on April 1st has increased energy bills by an average of 54% (£693 a year), and there is another potential price rise planned for October 1st 2022! One way to lower your energy bills and reduce the impact of these price rises is by simply replacing your old boiler, storage heaters,  This could save you up to £480 a year!

Replacing your boiler, storage heaters, is one of the few ways you can reduce your energy bills, as a new smart electric heating systems are much more efficient.


iSense wifi Electric Heating in block of offices

Discover Intelli Heat ranges

the Cali Sense, iSense, Balneum or the Creative Radiators designer range

isense Smart Wifi Electric Radiators. 

Advanced heating control at your fingertips, iSense Wi-Fi Electric Radiator is fully compliant with Eco-Design Lot 20 Energy Efficiency legislation.
With a combination of style, innovation and the latest technology, the new iSense range will propel your electric heating system into the digital age!

iSense is fully compliant with, and indeed exceeds, all the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018, with a 40% Energy Efficiency score rating.

Cali Sense ecodesign electric radiator.

This energy efficient aluminium radiator ensures the perfect combination of high performance and energy efficiency.

Cali Sense is fully compliant with all the requirements of LOT 20 Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018/2020, exceeeding with a 39% Energy Efficiency score rating.

Creative Radiators® designer electric radiators.

An energy-efficient, low-carbon electric heating, with a sustainable radiant heating technology.

Bespoke Designer Radiators enable infinite architectural design possibilities whilst respecting low-carbon emissions environmental values. 

Modern wifi electric heating systems have a variety of energy saving features, are more efficient, controllable and ultimately save you money. 

Mysense App and wifi electric Radiators connected to the IOT

All our energy efficient electric radiators are entirely compliant with:

  • Eco-design Lot 20 legislation 2018/2020
  • Fully accredited to new UKCA mark
  • New Building Regs Part L1 – L2a compliance 
  • BS EN60335-1:2012
  • EN60335-2-30:2009 +A11:2012
  • EN60675:1995+A1:1998
  • CDC LCIE No 103-13E:2013
  • EN62233:2008
  • New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012 Acoustic & visual signal for the hearing & sight impaired when switching on & off.
Electric radiator eco design logo

Our electric radiators supply and installation services consist of the following:

1: Disconnecting Old Heaters

2: Disposal of old Heaters

3: Installing Efficient Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

4: Programming the my sense cloud based App. 

Looking for a specific Smart Radiator, Designer Radiator, Vertical Radiator or Bespoke Decorative Radiator? We’d love to hear from you. To get your Free Heating Consultation or book a survey call us on on  0121 2850136 

We are a family-run firm with a long history of providing high quality, professional electrical repair services and installations across the Midlands.