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  1. Introduction: At Able Electric, we are your trusted local Commercial – Domestic electrician, proudly serving the Tamworth, Birmingham, and Midlands regions. With our team of dedicated experts, you can trust that we’ll handle all your electrical needs with professionalism and precision.

    Our Range of Services: When it comes to electrical solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our services include:

    1. Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Charger Installation: For commercial customers, we advise on the best solution for your business needs. This includes Commercial Grants and Charging payment options. Whether you want to make the switch to electric cars or need a domestic charging station for your existing EV,  Home or Workplace we’ve got you covered. 

    2. Solar Panel Installation: Looking to make your home or business more eco-friendly and reduce energy bills? Our solar panel installation service can help.

    3. Battery Storage Installation: Store excess energy generated by your solar panels for later use, increasing energy efficiency and reducing grid reliance.

    4. Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Testing: Ensure the safety and compliance of electrical systems in your home or workplace with our testing services.

    5. Commercial OZEV Grant Registration: We can assist your business in registering for OZEV grants, allowing you to save on electric vehicle charger installations.

    Qualified NICEIC Electricians: At Able Electric, we recognize the importance of having a highly qualified team. That’s why we take pride in the fact that all our staff are fully qualified NICEIC Electricians. The NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) is a prestigious mark of excellence in the electrical industry, guaranteeing that our work is carried out to the highest safety and quality standards.

    When you choose Able Electric, you’re not only selecting a team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but you’re also ensuring that your electrical projects are in safe hands. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch service and expert electrical solutions every step of the way.

    For all your electrical needs, whether it’s an EV charger installation, solar panel setup, or any other electrical service, Able Electric is just a phone call away. We’re here to empower your electrical requirements and provide you with the peace of mind that your projects will be handled with the utmost expertise

Car Charger Installer Electrician Nuneaton

Able Electric are a family-run firm with a long history of providing high-quality, professional electrical repair services and installations across the Midlands.  Dont just take our word for it See our Great



Our Commercial Customers Include.

Rolls Royce – M6 Toll Road – Pure Cloud Solutions – Subway – McDonalds – Inteb Managed Services Various Schools, Colleges, Factories and Offices in all locations including London and Scotland.

Work carried out includes Electrical Testing – Track and Trace – Car Charger Installations- Solar Panels – Battery Storage – Total refurbishments – Fuse boards etc 

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Fast track your installation process with our new QR code simply scan the QR code with your phone and follow the steps to get your quote or you can follow this link. If you prefer you can always call our office on 0121 2850136 Where Dominic or Mel would be more than happy to discuss the various options. Not all car chargers are the same there are even some we refuse to install due to poor quality.  Or a poor back up service should a fault arise. Our reputation relies on helping you choose the right charger for your needs. We still offer onsite visits for those who would like to discuss in person rather than over the phone.

Car Charger Installation Quote

Our Services


As well as a 24-hour call-out service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas, our local electrician services are varied and include the following:

Consumer Unit Replacement

Your consumer unit is the hub of your home's electrical system. We can check if yours needs replacing now by fully qualified Electricians in Birmingham Coventry Tividale and the Midlands Area.
Just Call Able Electric: 0121 2850136

ABLE ELECTRIC CAR CHARGER INSTALLATION APP and Install Car Charging Point At Home and Workplace

We were one of the first electricians in Birmingham to obtain OZEV registration meaning we can offer grants for car charger installations. All installations carried out by Electricians. We install all major chargers.
Install Car Charging Point At Home and Workplace
No need to wait in for a visit to quote on your car charger installation. We can quote remotely through our app.

Domestic Electrician Birmingham

From lighting to sockets, and outside electrical fixtures. Call us For all your electrical needs at home. We are fully qualified domestic electrical installation approved. All work guaranteed, for your safety Free quotes call 0121 2850136

Domestic & Commercial EICR's

Electrician Tamworth Birmingham and Midlands Electricians ensuring the safety of your home or premises electrical circuits to protect your staff and family. Find your EICR test cost by giving us a call.
0121 2850136

Whole House Rewire Cost.

Older wiring often needs replacing, especially in older properties. Trust Able Electrical to keep you safe as we only use electrical installation certificated electricians, Find the cost for a full rewire cost here. Help and advice call
0121 2850136

Commercial EICR and Services

From offices, rental properties & industrial units. We've got you covered our fully Qualified electricians are trusted by many companies. McDonald's Clue Escape Rooms. AXA Insurance, Jaguar many local schools

Solar Panels and Battery Storage

The marriage of electric cars and solar panels represents a powerful step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. By installing solar panels, electric car owners can fuel their vehicles with clean, renewable energy, enjoy significant cost savings, achieve energy independence, and actively contribute to environmental preservation. Embracing solar power is a vital way to unlock the full potential of electric vehicles, driving us closer to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Services We Offer

Birmingham Coventry Solar Panel Battery Storage Installation Near Castle Bromwich


Solar Panels: Empowering Electric Car Owners for a Sustainable Future

The future is green, and electric cars are leading the charge. They reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. But why stop there? Electric car owners can supercharge their eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness by embracing solar panels. In this blog, discover why installing solar panels is a must for electric car owners.

Fueling with Clean, Renewable Energy:

Install solar panels to power your electric car with clean, renewable energy. Say goodbye to fossil fuels and rely on the sun’s direct energy. By charging your vehicle with solar power, you’re reducing emissions and promoting a greener environment.

Cost Savings and Energy Independence:

Save big on energy costs by going solar. Once installed, solar panels generate electricity for both your home and electric vehicle. Cut ties with the grid, save on utility bills, and gain energy independence. No more worries about rising fuel prices or power outages.

Synergy Between Solar Panels and Electric Cars:

Solar panels and electric cars are a perfect match. Charge your vehicle overnight when energy demand is low, and let solar panels soak up the sun’s rays during the day. Optimize renewable power usage and minimize reliance on the grid.

Reduced Maintenance and Long-Term Savings:

Solar panels and electric cars share low maintenance requirements. After installation, minimal upkeep is needed. Enjoy long-term savings without the hassle of frequent repairs or high maintenance costs.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Lifestyle:

Combine electric cars and solar panels to make a real difference. Drive emission-free and power your vehicle sustainably. Become an advocate for a cleaner future, inspiring others to follow suit. Let’s preserve our planet together.


Solar panels are the key to unlocking the full potential of electric cars. Power your vehicle with clean energy, save costs, gain independence, and contribute to a sustainable future. Embrace solar power and drive towards a greener tomorrow.



We offer all domestic and commercial electrical services from changing a plug, fitting new sockets, Intelli Heat smart electric radiators, or replacing light fittings to full house rewires, EICR’s and commercial services including the following:


Electrical safety is essential to protect those living or working in your home or commercial premises. If faulty wiring is not replaced it can result in electrocution or even death..

Local Electrician Tamworh


From flats, apartments, 1, 2, 3 or more bedroom homes, we can provide a full re-wiring service so that your home meets current standards. As well as rewiring we also carry out lighting upgrades.


Ale Electrician can Install your electric car charging point at home, workplace or destination. If you require an Installation of an electric vehicle charge point it has never been cheaper or easier as the government moves towards its ultra-low emission aim. If you are Thinking about installing an electric car charging point at home or workplace give us a call on 0121 2850136

Specialist Electrician In Solihull Coleshill


If you need an emergency electrician in a hurry, day or night, we are on call 24/7 to answer your electrical emergency. As well as electrical emergency we also carry out all electrical work. Including emergency light EICR testing Electric Car Charger Installation. If you require help and advice Call us anytime not just when you when you need an emergency electrician.

Intelli Heat - Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

As the Uk looks for new ways to heat their home and offices efficiently, connected products like isense are the perfect solution. Traditional boilers and panel heaters are being replaced by Energy Efficient Electric Radiators. If you’d like to “book a free telephone consultation” to discuss how we can help you with your wi-fi electric heating system, please get in touch with Able Electrician team.

Who We Serve


As one of the most respected electricians in Birmingham, we have many happy customers, most of whom come from recommendations and word of mouth. We are proud to support homeowners and businesses throughout the West Midlands.


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