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People always  ask 

“Are all Electric Car Chargers the same”?

Electric Car Charger Installation Company Able Electric state – The simple straightforward answer is no. Electric car chargers vary this is why it is essential to contact an independent car charger installer for advice. People with solar panels will be best suited to a charger that can take the power directly from their solar panels. That is of course if they are not at work and they can charge in the day. Companies who want data and to charge drivers the cost of charging will need a smart charger. Those companies who just intend the charger to be of use for the MD and staff might not want to charge the electricity usage. They would be happy with a dumb charger. Other companies may want banks of chargers. The list goes on call 0121 2850136 for advice

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Domestic Electric Car Charging 

Electric car charging Installation company Tamworth serving Birmingham advise-When charging your EV electric car at home, you have two choices. You can one plug it into a standard UK three-pin socket, or two get a special home fast-charging point installed.

You may choose option one as it’s easy and convenient, but it’s also the slowest option. Charging using a 3 pin plug can take many hours, depending on the size of the battery. Meanwhile, if you go for option two a home fast-charging point, then you have to arrange to have it installed, but you get much faster charging times as a result. 

Given that circa 80% of all car charging happens at home, it’s probably worth having the fast-charging point installed – assuming, of course, you have a garage or a driveway on which it can be positioned. 

You will also be able to obtain a government OLEV grant towards the cost. This grant is available to anyone who owns or uses an eligible electric or plug-in car, including company car drivers. A full list of eligible cars can be found here. Bear in mind that fast-charging points can only be installed by an approved contractor like Able Electrical


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Growing Demand for Electric Car Charging Points across Birmingham and the West Midlands 

Able Electric EV Car Charger Installation Birmingham advise – Full electric and plug-in hybrid cars are growing in popularity and now come in all shapes and sizes, from two-seater city cars to 4×4 off-roaders. Electric vehicle (EV) technology has developed greatly since the milk float, and as performance and range increases, purchasing an electric vehicle is becoming a very real option for many people.

One of the main benefits of electric vehicles is their environmental credentials. Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electric cars don’t emit any of the gases that contribute to global warming, making them a great choice for anyone who cares about their carbon footprint. As one of 13 members of the Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance, the UK has pledged to make all passenger vehicles sold “zero-emissions” by 2050.

For the best car charger installer in Birmingham  ABLE ELECTRIC The Car Charging Company is a Government-approved installer of electric vehicle charging points at homes, workplaces, and destinations across the UK.

We can install and manage your electric vehicle charging stations and offer OLEV funding towards the cost of domestic and commercial charging points as part of the Government’s green transport revolution.

Our experts work in partnership with leading designers and manufacturers of electric vehicle equipment, such as WallboxRolec EVEO Limited –Pod Point, and many others to provide you with a high-quality one-stop service.

This full turnkey service includes a free site survey, design, installation,

registration, billing, smart control, maintenance, and future expansion.

Zappi Chargers

Zappi Chargers are ideal if you have solar panels as they use the electricity directly from your panels to charge your electric car

EO British made Chargers

EO Charging Visit EO main site to learn about all EO chargers call us on 0121 2850136 to book Installation
EO Charger

Pod Point Electric Car Chargers

Visit Pod Point to see the full range of chargers they provide for Installation call Able Electric 0121 2850136
Pod Point Chargers

How fast can you charge an electric car?

Put simply the time it will take to charge will depend on the size of your car’s battery and the speed of the charger you’re it plugging into.  Illustrated in this image, using the Nissan LEAF and a home charger as an example:

Battery size all You Need to Know

Battery size Electric cars are available in a variety of battery sizes to suit different driving needs.  In terms of charging; the bigger the battery in your car, the longer it’s going to take to fully charge. The current Nissan LEAF has a 40kWh battery,
EO Charger

Slow charging your electric car with a 3 pin connector

Almost all new electric cars (excluding the Renault Zoe) will arrive with 2 charging leads, a type 2 cable for plugging into EV charge points, and a 3-pin plug charging cable that you can connect to a regular domestic electricity socket.
3 Pin Plug

Fast charging

‘Fast charging’ refers to chargers that can deliver between 7 and 22kW of charge per hour. 7kW fast charging can take place at home on an electric vehicle charge point and on some public charging units too.
Rolec Charger

Install Car Charger At Home

We were one of the electricians in Lichfield to obtain OLEV registration meaning we can offer grants for car charger installations. All installations carried out by NICEIC Electricians
Home Workplace

Rapid charging

If home charging isn’t an option or you’re traveling a bit further afield and need a boost ‘rapid chargers’ are what you need. Unlike other public charging points you won’t need your own cable to connect to a rapid charger

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